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Frydendal Hans


  • COPENHAGEN BORN, LUXEMBOURG BASED ARTIST WITH A LOVE OF NATURE AND COLORS Hans Jørgen Frydendal was born in Copenhagen, and as a designer, specialized in furniture design, he has already worked for a great number of furniture factories all over Europe. Since 1982, his design office is situated in Luxembourg. In the 1990's Hans Jørgen Frydendal started to travel to Greece once a year, to paint with water colors, together with a good architect friend. In the beginning of the year 2000, he went to a school in Vence in France and afterwards to the ,,Gerlesborgsskolan" in Sweden to complete his education in the domain of water coloring, Hans Jørgen Frydendal has already travelled a lot to be able to paint his water color pictures on-site. The Faroe Islands, Iceland, Denmark, the Baltic Countries, Italy, Turkey, Spain, France, Austria, the Greek Islands, Bali, Cuba and The Virgin Islands have been some of his previous destinations. For the past 10 years, Hans Jørgen Frydendal has been working professionally with water colors. Most of his motives are landscapes or skylines, but not at all like architectural drawings. He is very inspired by colors, new shapes and different cultures, where he among other things is searching for the light. In the domain of the water colors, Hans Jørgen Frydendal is fascinated by the merging of water, paper and colors, which makes the art come alive. The combination of colors and fantastic structures are also part of his passion. Everything is floating, which makes the spontaneity and risk part of the inspiring and yet unpredictable work progress.


  • Hans F. (avril-mai 2019)

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