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Koch Jérôme


  • With this exhibition the artist Jérôme Koch tries to make a bridge between traditional and digital art, making the latter more relatable and understandable for the viewer. The concept of “Cybereality” consists of one key element: a computer has to be involved in the process of the artwork’s creation! There are multiple ways that allow one to combine technology with art. Jérôme Koch uses 3D software to sculpt digital artworks and uses a 3D printer to bring these creations to life. This thrilling process allows the artist to see its concepts being transformed from digital to physical. Going one step further in the digital world, the artist loads up each artwork with an NFT. Does NFT sound familiar? You might indeed have heard of it since it has been flourishing and expanding in the last few years. NFT means “non-fungible token”, which means it is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain, a form of digital ledger. NFTs can be associated with reproducible digital files such as photos, videos and audio files. The digital art world has been growing and keeps evolving very fast! This last year, the word "NFT" was very present in the media and people are starting to get aware of the potential and possibilities, especially for artists. Why? Because it means that a digital artwork is as worthy as a physical one, and, on top of that, is easier to trade. It is also important to underline that they are less power consuming, therefor better for the environment and can last forever, while physical art faces many more risks of getting damaged, be it by the sunlight or simply time. NFTs are easier to store and you can trade them almost instantly, which makes it possible for more and more collectors to benefit from this new aera. These are only a few of the many advantages that are tied with the growth of blockchain technology. There is no other way to describe it: this trading system is revolutionizing the art world and may contribute to the renaissance of digital art.
  • 2013-2014 Art Academy Barcelona


  • 2022 Cybereality CAW Walferdange
  • 2017 Exigence CAW Walferdange
  • 2015 Mystical Forest Installation Psy-fi
  • 2014 Exposition à Walferdange
  • 2014 Art Installation Psy-fi (NL)
  • 2014 Huevo y Cojon Gallery Barcelona

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