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Muno Frank


  • Despite an artistic kick-off in filmmaking where Frank Muno collaborated on various projects, his passion for photography quickly came through. While gaining further experience in classic photography and particularly aerial photography, his last exhibitions took him back to the ground where he has developed a keen interest in exploring and shooting lost places. ln 2017 he teamed up with Joël Rollinger and Chris Warszta for the release of their first book,, Bilansgespréicher - Dem Lëtzebuerger Alldag op den Zant gefillt" where Urban Art meets Luxembourgish texts. He has had some of his photos nominated at national and international photo contests and he has been honored with awards for some of his most remarkable photographies. The project he will unveil to the public during "Cameras & Canvas" is a unique attempt to combine portrait and aerial photography.


  • Cameras & Canvas (septembre - octobre 2019)

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